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Blog — Vintage Porch Swings


Labor of Love

February 14, 2022
They say love is about what you’re willing to do for someone you care about. At Vintage Porch Swings, we strive to never say “no” to customers when they come to us with wonderful ideas. The followi...
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Charleston Bed Swings

October 08, 2019
We are proud to call Charleston, SC home and to offer the city of Charleston bed swings, as well as ship our bed swings to give people everywhere a taste of Charleston in their own home. Our shop ...
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5 Reasons Why You Need a Bed Swing

May 15, 2019
1. A bed swing turns any space into a sanctuary Have a space in (our out of) your home that is not being utilized to its full potential? Enter the bed swing. A corner of a porch, a reading nook ...
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Porch Swings Helped Us Sell Our House!

August 04, 2014
One of the great feelings we had last year was when our house sold in two days on the market for full price. Yes, two days!! This was at a time when houses were sitting. In fact, there were several...
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Arranging Pillows on Porch Swings

June 17, 2014
Arranging pillows on porch swings - how!?: that's a question we get from time to time. What's the best way to arrange the pillows on my porch swing? Arranging Pillows on Porch Swings: Hot Tip The m...
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