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If Childhood Euphoria Was a Piece of Furniture

If Childhood Euphoria Was a Piece of Furniture

For many of us, our favorite playground fixture was the swing set. We kicked off the ground and flew high, wondering if we could complete a full circle around the beam or branch that secured us overhead. When we were launching ourselves to the sky, we had no cares in the world, especially for those around us yelling for us to slow down. As we grew up, the idea of soaring gave way to loftier goals of personal, career, and family successes. Nowadays, when we need to get back to those worry-free days of gliding through life with a smile on our faces, all it takes is a little time on a Vintage Porch Swing!

Vintage Porch Swings hand-crafts luxurious, plush, “grown-up” swings in five sizes to accommodate almost any porch or outdoor structure. You can hang our swings under trees. (Why not? Our low-maintenance products are weather-resistant for the climates in all 50 states.) You can install a chair-style McHenry or two on the smallest of porches or a sturdy tree limb in the yard. Petite swings are preferred love-seats for oak trees, front porches and bedroom balconies. Twin bed swings go well in bay windows, children’s rooms, living rooms, front porches, back porches, pergolas, and everywhere! Full-size swings are great for bedrooms, back porches, and pool-side areas. Since you can add 1000 lbs. of passengers to our swings, feel free to get the biggest swing you can for the space you have, because the whole family will want to join you!

In our effort to bring you back to a no-worries lifestyle, we have complete spacing guides and installation instructions available for the asking. The way to choose the size of your swing is to know how large your space is, then choose a swing that will fit with added room for movement. Your ceiling joists must be of 2x6 lumber or larger to mitigate “bounce”. Most bed swings move maybe 10” to 18” during use, so here are the spacing suggestions for each swing size category:

McHenry chair swings: 4 ft by 4 ft

Petite swings: 8 ft by 5.5 ft

Mid-size swings: 9 ft by 6.5 ft

Twin swings: 10 ft by 6.5 ft

Full-size swings: 10 ft by 8ft

Our running, jumping, screaming, reaching-for-the-sky playground days may be behind us, but loftier goals await you on a Vintage Porch Swing. Make some family memories by reading books together or playing board games on your bed swing. Put away your devices and share a meaningful conversation on a porch swing. Lie head-to-toe on a bed swing while the sounds of nature around you bring you back to the days when you had no worries. Snuggle up with a skin-soft Sunbrella pillow (or a family member) and drift off to sleep as the breeze pushes you to a peaceful slumber. We guarantee a Vintage Porch Swing will be the most heavenly piece of furniture you’ll purchase this year and will provide a peaceful place to relax for many, many years.

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