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Happy New Year: A Marathon a Month

February 06, 2020
Two goals on the 2020 McHenry Resolution List are 1) to “Simplify” and 2) to run a marathon a month. The former is big and can be expounded upon later on. The latter may sound ambitious, but in 201...
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Renovation: Welcome Master Bedroom Suite

January 18, 2020
One of our recent renovation/improvements to our cabin was to expand the door leading into our master bedroom in order to accommodate a pair of these sweet barn doors we picked up down the road at ...
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Noah Fell Off the Ski Lift Today

January 06, 2020
The day after he was fine, just sore, and in a couple days he was back on the slopes. I think all those back flips paid off (seriously). Noah’s the kid who can put his heals on two chairs and split...
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Initiate Christmas!

January 03, 2020
Showed up at the pick-your own tree farm on Friday before Christmas and the sign at the front gate read, “Sorry, Sold Out.” We had both the van full of kids, with Krista at the helm, and the truck ...
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Charleston Bed Swings

October 08, 2019
We are proud to call Charleston, SC home and to offer the city of Charleston bed swings, as well as ship our bed swings to give people everywhere a taste of Charleston in their own home. Our shop ...
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Noah Bed Swings - 20% Off for a Limited Time

October 05, 2019
In honor of fall, even though it doesn't feel like it in many regions of the country, we're offering 20% off of our Noah bed swing! The Noah is the most popular of the Vintage Porch Swings designs...
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