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Vintage Porch Swings

overbuilt to last

Our Swings are Unique

Welcome to Vintage Porch Swings where we provide a relaxing place for you to rest, unwind and spend time with your loved ones. We are one of the first bed swing companies with over a decade of experience in hand-crafting exceptional designs. We are quickly approaching ten thousand customers! Our porch bed swings are unique in that they are also sofas, beds, and conversation areas and we make each porch swing as if it was going to be our own. Vintage Porch Swings is located in Charleston, South Carolina, and we are proud to be the local favorite!

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overbuilt to last generations

We are passionate about making comfortable, high-quality hanging bed swings. The world is filled with low quality products made quickly. We believe the world needs more artists and craftsmen who value quality and service. When you care about the work you do and love the people for whom you create exceptional products, then you stand out. Our hand-crafted touch goes into every bed swing we build. All of our swings include:


Hand selected, kiln dried, pressure treated, and hand cut ground contact lumber


With exterior applications in mind, galvanized and zinc-treated hardware and fasteners for exterior applications to withstand the elements


Hand cut plugs and glued assembly holes to conceal construction and put the focus back on our beautiful finishes


Marine-grade, clear satin coating on top of our finishes to preserve our swings from any harsh environment


Heavy duty, zinc-coated bolts for attachment to structural ceiling joists at 4-points for up to 1000lb weight capacity


Multiple rope options ranging from very sturdy, 1” all natural Manila rope to similar-looking 1” tan synthetic rope

why a hanging bed swing?

We’ve conducted extensive personal research (wink, wink) and learned that climbing into one of our bed swings reminds us to relax, de-stress and just breathe. Because of the pace of life, we personally make our swing a no-screen zone. It’s pretty rare to find a space like that these days. We dare you to put your screen down for a few minutes and see how relaxed you can become.

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hand crafted,
hand finished,
hand packaged.

And eight other reasons why our swings are the best. Read what they are on the shop page.

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