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5 Reasons Why You Need a Bed Swing

Hayden Contemporary Bed Swing in Sea Glass Porch Swing

1. A bed swing turns any space into a sanctuary

Hayden Bed Swing and Porch SwingHave a space in (our out of) your home that is not being utilized to its full potential? Enter the bed swing. A corner of a porch, a reading nook in your loft, even a guest bedroom are all candidates for adding a bed swing to your home. And when you do, we think you’ll find that the space transforms into a sanctuary of sorts - a place where you actually look forward to and anticipate spending your time.

2. A bed swing becomes a conversation piece

So many of our customers tell us that after they added a bed swing to their home, it became the conversation piece for guests. Vintage Porch Swings customer Vickey from Kiawah Island says, “We have really enjoyed the bed swing and have received many compliments from friends and neighbors. It truly is one of the highlights of our home.” Other customers have shared that when they have had to sell their home, the bed swings becomes a conversation piece for potential buyers and adds value to their sale. So when they have to sell their home and the bed swing with it, guess what is first on their list of furniture to purchase for their next home? A bed swing, of course!

3. A bed swing is customizable to any style

Do you prefer clean lines and a contemporary style? Or perhaps your home is more shabby chic. Whether you’re looking for classic, coastal, modern or rustic appeal, there is a bed swing style for you. With ten models and countless options for customization with finishes and textiles, a bed swing can be customized to match your desired style.

4. A bed swing encourages relaxing

In this day and age, life seems to move so quickly. Between work emails and phone calls, an endless list of children’s activities and sporting events, smartphones and to-do lists, it seems that something is always demanding our attention. Bed swings invite relaxation - a chance to put down the technology and just be. Whether that’s sitting alone with your thoughts, listening to sounds of nature, reading a book or conversing with your spouse about the day’s events, bed swings encourage a pause in your day and a chance to unwind.

5. A bed swing is multi-functional

Not only are bed swings useful for transforming a typically unused space into a sanctuary, but they can also add Hartwell Interior Bed Swing in Sea Glassfunction to spaces that you already use every day. For example, bed swings can be used as seating. A hanging bed swing as a sofa enhances a space and adds not only comfort but also conversation. Two bed swings hung facing each other in a living room make the perfect space for after dinner conversations among guests. Or how about your bedroom, where you spend a good chunk of your hours each day? Using a bed swing as just that, a bed, adds a sense of beauty and relaxation to a space that should be restful. Bed swings are perfect for guests rooms, kids’ rooms or even your master bedroom. Here are some more ideas of ways that you can use bed swings in your everyday spaces. There are countless reasons why bed swings are a wonderful addition to any space or home - what will be your reason to add one to your home? Create your sanctuary with a bed swing from Vintage Porch Swings today - you’ll never look back.
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