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5 Reasons Why You Need a Bed Swing

May 15, 2019
1. A bed swing turns any space into a sanctuary Have a space in (our out of) your home that is not being utilized to its full potential? Enter the bed swing. A corner of a porch, a reading nook ...
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2016 Color Trends for Hanging Bed Swing Decor

February 02, 2016
February is the month we’re ready to come out of hibernation and start thinking about how to freshen up our spaces. We find great inspiration in color trend reports from experts such as Pantone, ...
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Decorating a Small Patio

August 24, 2015
Design Elements for Decorating a Small Patio Looking for ideas for decorating a small patio? You’re not alone. Not every Charleston home has expansive views of the ocean or marsh. In fact, most hom...
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Simple Suppers on the Patio

August 03, 2015
Three Simple Suppers Simple suppers are essential in the summer. Charleston is one of the food capitals of the world, but it’s so hot in July and August that many of us lose interest in hearty Sout...
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Create a Comfortable Guest Room

July 07, 2015
5 Ways to Create a Comfortable Guest Room Hanging bed swings are a comfortable, dramatic element for any comfortable guest room, but we know that guest rooms get ranked on more than just the bed. M...
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Small Hanging Bed Swings

May 29, 2015
Small Hanging Bed Swings for Small Spaces You can have a small hanging bed swing even if you have a small porch or patio. Charleston houses are known for their wide expansive porches, called piazza...
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