Our Most Popular Swings And What Makes Each Special

Our Most Popular Swings And What Makes Each Special

Everyone knows our swings are overbuilt, that they outlast the others because no one uses the ground-contact lumber we use, applies the marine-use top-coat, or uses the specially-treated fasteners we do. That’s just engineering. Basically, you can’t go wrong with any of our eleven styles in four sizes, named after family members. But when people call to ask about our swings, they often ask “What are your most popular swings?” We love to answer this question, since many are shopping for loved ones or have different lifestyles and spaces. Here are our swings, in order of popularity, and what makes each special:

  • Joshua (shown in photo): People have seen the Joshua swing in so many of our ads and news articles and in designer blogs that they fall in love and seek it out. It’s got tall, horizontal sides and a lower back that’s tall enough to keep the pillows in place. The mostly-solid sides equate to a more modern look, but it’s still a traditional swing. The most popular finish in this swing is Vintage White. It’s a white swing that we’ve made to look rustic by adding some dark paint here and there so that it works with any white exterior. This is the perfect swing for small spaces, as the ropes connect to eye bolts on the swing, decreasing the space needed for the swing’s movement. We have a Joshua Mid-size swing in our Beachwood finish on display in front of our production shop on Johns Island.
  • Noah: When you look at a Noah swing, you may think of the olden days, when Grandpa made the family a traditional porch swing with a high-back and large arm-rests. The Noah’s armrests are wide and rounded, and able to support a book, a cup of coffee, or a blanket or two. The sides and back have open woodwork but the cushions don’t fall through. The ropes connect through wooden “runners” and folks seem to like the look if they have the space. We used to sell nine Noah swings to every other swing and until the last few years, it was our most popular style.
  • Hayden: When we started offering our swings to interior designers, architects, hotel/resort procurement folks, and other design resellers, they gravitated toward the Hayden style because of the swing’s all-around 14” height and solid horizontal board structure. The low-profile of the Hayden does not obstruct views, windows, fireplaces, or other features luxury homes and businesses offer. The Hayden is modern, with solid horizontal sides and chamfered runners that hold the ropes. One of our largest swings in each bed-size category (alongside Noah, Eliza, and Aung Janie), the Hayden requires a little bit of extra room for movement.
  • Avari: This charming bed swing started it all, almost fourteen years ago, as this was the first swing Brent McHenry made his pregnant wife, Krista, as a place to relax with the children. The Avari has even, 20” tall sides and back, and charming curved pieces that evoke an old-world fairy-tale and has an option for finials, too. This swing is popular for cottages, bedroom balconies, and under Spanish-moss laden trees outside. It’s the love-story swing, if you will. The most popular finish for Avari has been Driftwood, but we’ve made quite a few of these in Vintage Black, Farmhouse, and even in clear-coated Cypress wood. Like the Joshua, you can put an Avari into almost any space, as it has some of the smallest exterior dimensions in each bed-size category. We have a Petite Avari in Driftwood on display in front of our production shop on John’s Island. Grab a cup of coffee at the “beans and barley” across the way and come try out our display swings.
  • Aunt Janie: Named for a wonderful woman who lived a long life, the Aunt Janie swing is popular with people who have built modern dream homes and want a more structured look in a bed swing. The Aunt Janie is similar to the Noah, but it looks more substantial, with block support pieces, and is slightly heavier. The “AJ”, as we refer to it, is a very popular swing for custom homes, hotels, and spas, where support beams and columns are on prominent display.
  • Eliza: This tall, open-slatted swing is perfect for pool areas and patios and looks great near any deck. Despite its tall sides, you can see through the swing, and its open design allows cushions to dry off between swims. If you’ve ever been to the Andell Inn at Freshfield’s Village in Kiawah, you’ve seen two customized versions of this swing near the pool (and a Hayden out front).
  • Emerson: With its bead-board sides and optional finials, the Emerson has a New-England or Cape Cod vibe. As Charleston is a second-home to many of our northern friends, this makes a lot of sense. The Emerson has solid sides that hug the occupants and looks so much like a bed that “naptime” seems to be what people are thinking when they purchase the Emerson. Second only to the Noah, this swing seems to appeal most to men and we are here for it! You may see the Emerson on golf courses in the low-country.
  • Hartwell: This finial-topped swing has been very popular for children’s rooms. Many have ordered these swing beds in pastel colors and in twin and full bed sizes. Its charming and playful design is a designer favorite.
  • Mercedes: When you’re looking for a swing that can accommodate more than a few people at the same time, you want a Mercedes. A Mercedes has no back or sides and people can sit on it from all sides. Popular in waiting areas and playgrounds, the Mercedes requires only a seat cushion, which is tightly recessed into the frame, so it doesn’t blow away. Mercedes swings are affordable and constructed similarly to the Noah, where the ropes go through wooden runners. We’ve customized the Mercedes many, many times, so just let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll draw up a plan to suit your needs.
  • McHenry: The newest addition to the line-up, the McHenry chair-style swing was created in 2019 to accommodate the smallest of spaces. This affordable chair swing has a hard-bottom, so there’s no need for a cushion. The seat size is large enough for a healthy adult and tapered to offer comfortable support. We’ve seen these swings paired on front porches and placed in breezeways. They’re basically Adirondack chairs that move.
  • Brynn: This sleigh-bed style makes a perfect space for two. You can enter/exit the swing from both sides and lounge head to toe without disturbing your partner. This bed was meant for vacation rentals and cabins, so grab a great book or throw a foot over the edge and push off for a perfect nap.

We’ve sold thousands of swings and at least hundreds of each style but somewhere along the way, we lost track of how many swings we’ve hand-made to date. We once kept a large map in the office of the locations we shipped swings over several years and I’m guessing we couldn’t put any more pins in the map because we stopped tracking a couple of years ago. We’ve shipped swings across the country, up to Canada and Alaska, and even to the islands. Some of our customers have taken their swings to Europe. With eleven styles, five sizes, and 1200 Sunbrella fabrics from which to choose, it’s rare to ever see two swings exactly alike unless they’re purchased together. We are happy to help you select the styles, sizes and fabrics that suit your tastes. We are just a phone call away: 1-866-610-6322 x1. Or you can email us at VPS@VintagePorchSwings.com for a quick reply.

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