American Made Family Heirlooms

American Made Family Heirlooms

When you and your family decide to purchase a piece of furniture for your home, you’re presented many options. Depending on your budget, you may start your search with big box stores. Unfortunately most, if not all, of the furniture sold in these stores will possibly last for five years if it has been well taken care of. Most of it will be made from particle board with a veneer or a laminate layer on top to make it appear that it’s real wood when in fact, it’s pretty much glued together sawdust. If you tried this route, you would begin your search for a replacement piece of furniture within the next decade. The old saying “You get what you pay for” still holds true. The original Vintage Porch Swing, constructed nearly 20 years ago, is still hanging at the company founders' house in great condition.

At Vintage Porch Swings, all of our bed swings are handcrafted from solid wood. We use high quality, kiln-dried, ground-contact, pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine for the construction of all of our swings. The quality of our swings is unparalleled, from the products we use, to construction, to finishing. We have had many customers over the years who have purchased lesser quality swings that have lasted a couple of years and then rotted out or fallen apart (even under covered porches). These customers came to us saying, “I wanted a real bed swing this time, so this time I came to y’all.” In addition to our focus on quality, the variety of size options, finishes, and varying model designs completely sets Vintage Porch Swings apart from all of our competition.

How many places are left where you can order a handmade piece of furniture in the United States and then, literally, go see it being built, sanded, and painted all by hand? Think about the quality of the antique furniture from your Grandparents’ house that you may have inherited (or one day hope to inherit). These pieces have been cherished for generations and will likely be passed down to future generations. This same mentality and quality runs through the veins of Vintage Porch Swings with every swing we produce in our shop in Charleston, South Carolina. Even customers not familiar with quality furniture can instantly see the difference in the caliber of our swings versus our competition. We hope that every swing purchased from us will be something that you and your family enjoy now and cherish for generations. Stop searching for your next piece of furniture; you’ve found your home in the Vintage Porch Swings family.

~John Hennis, Vintage Porch Swings Craftsman

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