Thanks For The Memories

Thanks For The Memories

Let’s get real for a moment: VPS knows there are a lot of swing companies, patio and furniture shops selling porch swings, porch swing companies selling furniture, and handymen building and selling swings.  The list of options goes on for you to buy a swing from a seller trying to sell swings. We get it.  If the goal is to buy a porch swing, one should spend the hours exploring their options and try to get the best price for a swing that satisfies them.  Satisfy!  I cringe when I think someone could ask a VPS swing owner how they like their swing, and the answer would be “I’m satisfied” with it.  Why don’t you just say it’s ok, it’s fine, or I got what I paid for.   We do not want to hear these responses, because we don’t just sell porch swings.

Vintage Porch Swings’ business is about creating memories and for thirteen years, our family of customers have been telling us we do just that.  Granted, to create a great memory, it must be a great product.  Made in America, hand crafted, superior materials is where we start.  Since this is written about and described in much of our other material, I won’t dwell on it here.  Suffice it to say quality is required – the price of entry so to speak - and we are unmatched. I would rather address a few other key items that create great memories.

  1. Let’s talk about Attentiveness: I’m sure we all have had experiences calling our cell phone or cable service provider at some point.   Possibly your airline when in an airport trying to reschedule a flight that has just been cancelled.  Or even better, Amazon when trying to buy an item online.  Even “if” you reach a knowledgeable, courteous person, this is not VPS attentiveness.  We reach out to you to help. Always and forever.  Why? Because we give all our attention to creating a great memory of your porch swing experience.  It’s all we do.
  2. What about Personalization: We are all familiar with the personalization approach of our big box retailers and even smaller specialty stores and online retailers, or not.  In fairness, it is not what they do. They are in the business of selling, NOT creating memories.   At Vintage Porch Swings we ask you what you want and the way you want it.  Design, size, color, cushion, fabric, and more. We know that getting what you want will be memorable.
  3. Be Delighted instead of Satisfied: We want you to be delighted because your entire experience was delightful, not just satisfied because it was satisfactory. Our customers don’t say they are satisfied. They say, “this swing has created my favorite spot in our backyard” and “we spend hours reading… listening to the ocean and solving world problems on our swing”.         

Just as I remember Frank Sinatra’s version of “Thanks for the Memories” like it was yesterday, we would be delighted in working to create your memory with Vintage Porch Swings for years to come.

~Jerry Lepore, Owner

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