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Honoring our armed services and their loved ones

VPS Military
VPS Promise: Honoring our armed services and their loved ones with products Made In America for the Protectors of America

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to purchase Vintage Porch Swings (VPS). VPS is a family owned company in Charleston SC.  It was our intent from the beginning to support charitable giving.  We have in the past and will continue in the future. But we wanted to take it further and sponsor a cause that is in need of attention.  Here is the story:

In September of 2020 a dear family member married one of our strong, a serviceman in the USMC.  His name was Andrew J. Maxey. In December of 2020 we lost Lt. Corporal Maxey at the age of 24.  Hardly enough time to get to know one another, and not nearly the time that this beautiful couple expected to share in their lifetime. The loss and the pain will last forever. The memories should also, and they should for the families and friends of all service men and women that have passed while serving our country.  

Vintage Porch Swings has long had a saying that we help Create Your Sanctuary.  We now want you to be able to create your own sanctuary, and memorialize your departed soldier, so in Andrew’s memory, we’ve created a memorial military package.  VPS will create your personal swing package, provide a discount, attach a beautifully personalized memorial sign on your swing, “and” make a contribution to a military foundation that supports the military and families of our service men and women.

Create your sanctuary, honor and memorialize those that have passed while serving, and drive our contribution to help others.  We have our cause to sponsor.

With a positive outlook, even terrible situations can help to produce better outcomes. Let us help make a difference.

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