Small Hanging Bed Swings

small hanging bed swing

Small Hanging Bed Swings for Small Spaces

You can have a small hanging bed swing even if you have a small porch or patio. Charleston houses are known for their wide expansive porches, called piazzas. Our piazzas can be single, double or triple-decker, and are placed on the shady side of the house and angled to take advantage of sea breezes. If you have three stories of wide porches, decorating is them is fairly easy! However, Charleston also has thousands of small historic cottages and a growing number of urban apartments above historic shops. We even have new condos and modern cottages, believe it or not. With such a wide variety of architectural styles, not every Lowcountry resident has expansive porches. In that regard, we can sympathize with our customers all over the country who dream of creating a Charleston-style oasis in a small urban apartment, condo or bungalow.

We often get calls from customers who have small patios, rooms or outdoor spaces and want to know if they can fit a swing bed into their space. Here’s what we tell them:
  • The Joshua is our smallest design. It’s about 7’ long, 3.5’ wide (exact measurements are 83”L x 43”W x 26”H on the sides and 20”H on the back. Ideally you’ll need about 5” of swing room on either side, but it’s not absolutely necessary. Remember, these beds don’t arc back and forth like a porch swing. If you have no room for movement, you can use brackets to secure the swing in place. It’s still just as comfortable!
  • If the Joshua doesn’t fit, we can custom build a swing that will fit your dimensions. Note that our swings are designed for standard twin mattresses so you’ll also need a custom mattress if you go this route.
If you’re fitting a large swing into a small patio, scrap the traditional rules of conversation-area seating. Take everything off of your patio before you install your swing so it can take center stage, even if it fills the whole space. Once it’s installed, you’ll be able to determine if any other furniture or accents will fit without making the space cluttered. If you can fit a small table for a drink and a book, even better, but we can build a drink holder into some models – just ask. Otherwise, we recommend sticking with a string of fairy lights, a soft throw and a few comfortable pillows. You’ll be surprised how using once nearly-useless or neglected space can add a more expansive feeling to a small abode – and we guarantee it will instantly be your new favorite hang out.
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