Hanging Bed Swing Patio Decor

Hanging bed swing patio decor

6 Design Ideas for Hanging Bed Swing Patio Decor

Hanging bed swing patio decor is easy! Beautiful, inviting interiors are founded on design principles that are more science than art. Learn a few of them and your bed swing patio will look like you had a pro decorate your space! If you’re patio has gone unused all winter and you’re ready to freshen it up for summer, here are some of our favorite design rules:
  1. First, take everything away – Starting with a clean slate not only gives you the chance to really clean the floor, walls, screens, windows, doors and fixtures, it can help you see your space in a new light. You don’t need to take down your bed swing, but do take all the accent textiles off for your bare bones assessment.
  2. Get real with functionality - Is your space set up for entertaining but you’d rather have a place to read or a cozy place for coffee or couples cocktails? Don’t be afraid to break with arrangements typically found in magazines and arrange your furniture for real-life comfort. If you’re a reader, grab a book and climb in your bed swing. Do you need a place to set a drink? Add a coffee table at the right height. Need to block out the afternoon sun? Hang up a bamboo shade. Crave a blanket in the evenings? Salvage an old quilt rack and keep an assortment nearby.
  1. Add slowly - Add things back to your clean patio slowly. You’ll notice when you pass the point of “cozy” and enter “cluttered”. One of the principles of Feng Shui is that a room is finished when you can’t take one more thing away.
  2. Add one high impact item - Every space needs an area of impact. Designers call that a focal point, but we like to go beyond just drawing the eye to delighting the eye. Pick one unusual, beautiful, remarkable thing for your patio and let it be the rock star of your outdoor room.
  3. Use black – In Charleston, black is reserved for fences, hurricane shutters and funerals. However, you’ll find that just a few black accents can anchor airy neutrals, sky blues and bright colors. Try painting a chair or side table black or adding an iron accent on a wall to keep your light colors from flying away.
  4. Use yellow – A designer once told us that every room needs something yellow. There’s no color theory rule for that, but we tried it and it works! Give your patio a pop of cheery yellow through a whimsical accent pillow or soft throw blanket.
This summer we encourage you to create a patio space that supports the way you really live – or really want to live! If your patio is feeling a little cookie-cutter, add some personality and break a few rules. Arrange your patio for yourself, with all the comforts you need, and keep your promise to spend more time relaxing.
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