Decorating a Small Patio

Decorating a Small Patio
Design Elements for Decorating a Small Patio
Looking for ideas for decorating a small patio? You’re not alone. Not every Charleston home has expansive views of the ocean or marsh. In fact, most homes in Charleston are of modest size. Charlestonians, however, are famous for their ability to carve social space out of postage-stamp sized yards and porches. Here are some tips for creating a beautiful diminutive space, no matter where you live.
  1. Start with a clean slate. You know we love this first step! Take everything out of your space and give it a through cleaning. Make repairs and touch up paint.
  2. Decide on its function. Looking at your clean slate, think about how you’ll use the space most of the time. Will you spend most of your time here alone, reading? Will you have dinner for two? Will you use it as a cozy gathering space for friends?
  3. Choose seating. If your existing furniture doesn’t make sense for your space, sell it. If it’s worn out, recycle it. Either look for scaled-down furniture or choose one large piece that can steal the show. If you want to add a hanging bed swing, choose the Joshua, our smallest design, or have one custom-built for your space.
  4. Get a table. You’ll want a table that can hold whatever you need, whether it’s a book and a drink or a dinner plate. Be creative if you like, but be sure your table can withstand the elements and will last.
  5. Accessorize. Good design incorporates light, color, texture and sound. Add a fragrant rosemary plant, fairy lights or hurricane lamps, a soft throw and a small fountain or wind chime.
Now you’re ready to throw a party, even if it’s just a party for one.
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