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Porch Swings Helped Us Sell Our House!

Emerson Classic Bed Swing in Vintage Black
One of the great feelings we had last year was when our house sold in two days on the market for full price. Yes, two days!! This was at a time when houses were sitting. In fact, there were several houses on the street for sale for the year; one, built by the same builder but a little bigger and nicer -- it had seventy showings and no offers.

Can Porch Swings Help You Sell Your House?!?

The offer on our home came in so quickly with the following condition: all porch swings convey. We had four daybed style porch swings in various spots of our home. It had been a great spot for us and our seven kids! The porch swings were a big part of the sale of our home at the price and in the time we desired. I hadn’t thought of porch swings as a tool to sell a home, but if nothing else, it’ll make you popular among your friends and establish you as a neighborhood authority in style. :)
porch swings sell house
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