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Project: Succulent Wreath

We’ve decided to use this post to share a project that would boost the impact and enjoyment of your porch. The finished project will be incredibly rewarding and would pair nicely with a Vintage Porch Swing.

Recently, we’ve spotted a trend in the popularity of succulent plants. Succulents are incredibly hardy, strikingly beautiful and have a rewarding price tag.


These plants have thick leaves that store water for a long time. That means you don’t have to have a green thumb to keep them growing. There are so many unique varieties of succulents. However, they each have a similar look. Placing them around your porch would provide a unified feel for your outdoor space.

Here’s a project for your porch that is unique to succulent plants. There are very few plants that are able to grow sideways, but succulents are one of them. That means you can use these plants to create a beautiful wreath. Check out what you’ll be making.

Succulent Wreath Project


Here are all the instructions borrowed from the Succulent and Sunshine Blog.

Send in pictures of your favorite places to relax! We would love to see what you’re creating!

The Staff at Vintage Porch Swings

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