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We're Not Just For Your Porch

It’s cold outside! You may not be thinking about braving the outdoors. A book and a blanket by the fire might be what’s in store for the next few months.


That’s ok with us! Although Vintage Porch Swings started out making swings for your porch, in the last few years, we’ve become so much more. Along with the Indoor Collection and the Custom Orders our fans create with the help of our woodworkers in the shop, we primarily make Bed Swings. These swings have a comfy mattress and textiles and can be hung any where inside your home - even across from the fireplace. They also suspend from four points instead of two. So you can hang our swing one foot away from a wall, and still enjoy the rocking motion. Imagine swinging indoors to the sound of a crackling fire! It would be the perfect escape during your Winter Holidays.


Check out all that Vintage Porch Swings has to offer on our website. And don’t forget to visit the textiles options we offer on our Swing Things page. All those pillows will help you relax!


- The Staff at Vintage Porch Swings

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