The McHenry's of Vintage Porch Swings

Owners of Vintage Porch Swings, Brent and Krista McHenry have 7 beautiful kids. They were recently photographed by Holger Obenaus swinging on one of their handcrafted swings made from the shop. Great work by Holger! The shot shows off the beautiful spread of their family, as well as the sturdiness of one of their newest designs, the Noah swing. (Noah, the baby, is also sitting comfortably in Brent’s arms.)

Brent and the staff at Vintage Porch Swings likes to name each new swing design after one of Brent’s Children. You can see a full showroom here. Below are a few more examples.

The Avari

The Eliza

The Brynn

-The Staff at Vintage Porch Swings

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