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The Perfect Porch Swing Placement

I was visiting a friend the other day and saw her wooden porch swing. It was a daybed like the one my grandmother used to have, but it was hanging from the ceiling. I had to try this porch swing out (because, of course I love porch swings), and I was thinking - with my head horizontal as I stared diagonally upward at the puffy clouds - that this hanging porch swing was one of the most comfortable porch swings I had ever experienced. Melt! At that moment, I knew this was my favorite place in her house! And why shouldn't it be? A well-placed porch swing can be the perfect home accent that somehow makes a nice home, even nicer.

The coolest part was that she had arranged this hanging porch swing so that it was the centerpiece, like a couch around a fireplace, or a console in a hallway that portrays a great piece of art overhead. It was centered on a coffee table with a small end table for a magazine or lamp, and these little extras completed the scene. The arrangement of her vintage porch swing was as important as the outdoor daybed itself. I've seen many porch swings in many places, but in totality, this space was perfect.

When you find a perfect porch swing and arrange it properly, plan on others loving it too!

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