Noah Fell Off the Ski Lift Today

The day after he was fine, just sore, and in a couple days he was back on the slopes. I think all those back flips paid off (seriously). Noah’s the kid who can put his heals on two chairs and split in mid air (like Jean-Claude Van Damme). He had the wherewithal to adjust during the fall so he landed square on his legs. You should hear him describe it-it’s amazing. His bindings double ejected, as they should have. An ER doc was in the lift line and sprinted to him along with two patrollers. Also, Brynn and Avari were 3 lifts back and ran to him; they hadn’t left the station and just hopped off their chair. I was on the lift with him. He fell so fast I reacted but he was already out of my grasp. He fell about 12 to 15 feet, which is just above the 3x threshold of danger for this 4-footer (Noah just turned 7). ...the ER doc said to me on the lift above, “We need to check him but I think he’s fine.” When the patroller was checking him Noah said, “I’m fine. My brother hurts me way more than this. I’m good. I want to ski.”
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