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Initiate Christmas!

Showed up at the pick-your own tree farm on Friday before Christmas and the sign at the front gate read, “Sorry, Sold Out.” We had both the van full of kids, with Krista at the helm, and the truck ready for tree transport so I jumped out and said let’s drive up and see if we can talk the man into a Chuck-Brown tree. ...we were delayed by an 8-day hospital stay after Wells (our baby-girl Hartwell), our 4-year old youngest, swallowed a button battery from an Apple TV remote (it looks like a nickel). We knew this was a serious and dangerous event and acknowledge God’s mercies that we immediately got her into the hospital, confirmed our suspicions, and had it extracted. What’s crazy that we didn’t know was the reason swallowed batteries are often fatal is when inside the body, her esophagus in our case, a circuit is completed when two wet contacts are made thus burning the flesh. The primary concern was a perforation that did not occur thankfully. As a result, our tree purchase was delayed. But our gracious friend, Taylor, at Woodlake Tree Farm hooked us up. He said, “You want a 12 footer?” having sold all his typical 7-8 footers already; trees are planted and harvested on a 7-year cycle and so digging into smaller versions would sacrifice next year’s crop. However, the big guys were left in their solidarity. Knowing I was at his mercy I said, “Sure”. Initiate Christmas! If you like these posts please provide feedback through comments, write a review here by clicking on “More reviews” and do share as often as you can. It really helps, thanks!
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