Renovation: Welcome Master Bedroom Suite

One of our recent renovation/improvements to our cabin was to expand the door leading into our master bedroom in order to accommodate a pair of these sweet barn doors we picked up down the road at the antique store (a hilarious story for another time where we had to wrestle the barn doors from the curmudgeon owner). We’ll provide a quick step-by-step process and include some photos before we get to the end product. The vision we had for this project was from the scene in “Return of the King” the 3rd of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, where Aragorn returns from presumed death and enters the castle in Rohan. He pushes open these monster doors to enter as the light devours the darkness in the room. 1) At the beginning of the project we pulled the trim from the existing door. Here you can get a sense of the ordinary “blah” space that hosted a hollow door with a blank white wall to access the master. 2) We then sized out the space according to the measurements of the barn doors. We had to re-route the electrical work, including 2 switches and 2 receptacles, to fit the new space by adding junction boxes. To the left of the opening you can see one of the killer barn doors. 3) We reframed the opening using standard framing practices by reinforcing the edges of the opening with (at least) double studs, i.e. a king stud configuration, where the horizontal top rests upon a stud that is butted against another stud. We then used the rough-side of unfinished cedar boards to trim out the new space. 4) Lastly, we hung these barn doors on rolling sliders. Here’s Emerson opening the way like King Aragorn. If you like these posts please provide feedback through comments, write a review here by clicking on “More reviews” and do share as often as you can. It really helps, thanks!
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