What if I Don’t Have a Porch for My Hanging Bed Swing?

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If you’ve fallen in love with a hanging bed swing but you don’t have a porch from which to hang it, don’t worry: There are creative ways to hang your swing.

From a Tree

Have a big, sturdy oak in your yard? Just loop the rope for each end around a horizontal branch. It’s unlikely the branch will be level, so just adjust the knot at the bottom until your bed swing hangs correctly. The dainty Mercedes design looks wonderful hanging from a tree. It’s the most lightweight of the designs and the elegance invites a book and a cold glass of sweet tea.

tree 2 tree

From an A Frame

An A Frame is an easy DIY project. If you’re handy, you can just alter the plans for a smaller porch swing A Frame to accommodate a larger hanging bed swing. With an A Frame, you can even relocate your hanging bed swing whenever you like. This is a great perk for renters who want to take their swing with them when they move.

 Vintage Porch Swings Sunset Vintage Porch Swings

From a Pergola

Lots of our clients have built pergolas just for their hanging bed swings. Though more involved than an A Frame, a pergola isn’t all that difficult or expensive to build – it just looks that way. We love pergolas because they can be built anywhere you have room, scaled to accommodate two hanging bed swings for a conversation area, and they have unlimited opportunities for sparkling lights, wisteria and other vining plants.

pergola VPS

If you’ve been dreaming of a hanging bed swing but have a porch-less house, building a simple A Frame, a pergola or taking advantage of a large tree are creative ways to make your dream come true.

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