Inspiring Colors from Charleston Gardens

If you’re refreshing your outdoor space for spring and summer, take some inspiration from the colors of the Lowcountry. Because your bed swing frame is classic you can easily refresh your textiles for an updated look. White and Lavender Lavender never fails to inspire images of the Lowcountry. Just look around and you’ll see it echoed in traditional Southern garden plants such as wisteria, balloon flower, hydrangea and hyacinth. This is an easy refresh – keep your neutral mattress cover textile, even if it’s grey or tan, and add lavender pillows and a soft lilac summer throw. Lavender Purple, Purple, Purple Another play on the white and lavender trend is mixing different purple hues such as magenta, royal purple, and even the hot pink of Charleston bougainvillea. Mix in hues by adding throw pillows, candles, and outdoor-friendly artwork for a contemporary, energetic, playful vibe. PurplePurple Blue and Lilac For inspiration, take a walk around your neighborhood and look for hydrangea on the verge of turning colors. In the right soil the flowers go from European blue to soft purple – that’s your color palette. Indigo and White Indigo has been a Charleston staple for decades, but since the rest of the world is catching on to this beautiful blue it’s easier to find accessories for your patio. Pair indigo with white for a classic look or add in burnt orange for a little more energy. Indigo Pink The soft, elegant pink of Charleston’s drift roses is a wonderful accent for any room, and it’s a traditional Charleston color. You don’t have to go crazy, but one rosy pink pillow in any color scheme adds a little elegance and romance, especially in spring and summer when roses are in full bloom. Pink White on White If you’ve ever painted the interior of a house white you know that white is a complicated color because it can have blue, green, yellow or gray undertones that make it appear different in different lights. You can embrace white’s diversity by layering white on white in your outdoor space. Not only is it easy, clean and classic, white is always cool in the summer and looks fantastic as a backdrop for a lush garden or a water view. whiteonwhite
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