Introducing Chalk Paint

Our favorite part of working at Vintage Porch Swings is creating new designs and experimenting with different types of finishes. We are known for distressing our swings to give them a worn look - not unlike your favorite pair of blue jeans. We finish our wood to make it look as if it has been around awhile. After all, no one can relax in something that is so new, it’s stiff.

For years, we have been applying high quality, exterior house paint and then destroying it with various tools to give it the look we want. This makes our swings unique, but we are sure the coating engineers at our favorite paint company cringe when they see what we do to their product! Lately, we have been working with chalk paint to give the same appearance. Here are a few examples:

Vintage White in Chalk

Vintage Black in Chalk

Chalk paint is environmentally friendly, to your environment and ours in the shop. It’s easy to work with and has the properties and body for many different looks, including the worn look. Chalk paint also gives us the ability to use new colors and add texture, when needed. We are excited to use it as a wash to enhance our new Barn Wood and Weathered Wood Finishes. For all these reasons, chalk paint makes an appealing choice.

Weathered Wood with Chalk Wash

Stay tuned as we introduce new Chalk finishes and colors in an effort to give our customers the latest in and old look.

-The Staff at Vintage Porch Swings

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