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Indoor and Custom Hanging Bed Swings

Indoor and Custom Hanging Bed Swings
What’s better than spending time in a hanging bed swing? Spending even more time in a hanging bed swing! That’s right – bed swings aren’t just for porches and patios, and we can build a custom hanging bed swing for you in any size. Bed swing converts are using them as guest beds, sofas, indoor entertaining spaces, kids’ beds and more. We were so inspired by the creative use of our bed swings that we built ourselves a King size hanging bed swing for our master bedroom. It’s wonderful! There’s something about a hanging bed that makes you feel like a kid again – it’s beautiful, unexpected and the feeling of floating never gets old. (If you’ve ever climbed in a bed swing and just wanted to go to sleep, you might want to consider replacing your old bed frame on the floor!) Sofas We also love the trend of using bed swings as sofas. A hanging sofa brings life to dull living spaces, and guests absolutely love to lounge on these special pieces of furniture. If you’ve got two sofas facing each other for a conversation area, replacing them with two hanging bed swings creates an unforgettable entertaining space. We can help you design a custom sofa that will fit the rest of your décor and will never go out of style. Hanging sofas add warmth and a rustic, friendly charm to living rooms. If you think your living room or family room is too formal, or goes unused, a hanging sofa will definitely solve that problem. Guest Rooms Guest rooms seem to be where all the stray pieces of furniture end up. You may only go in your guest room to vacuum, but your guests spend a good deal of their vacations in there. Make your guest room a real part of your home by making it unique and thoughtful. A hanging bed swing is a welcoming touch that gives the room a Charleston sense of place. Kids Rooms Trust us when we say you won’t have to coax your kids into bed anymore. Our kids each sleep in a hanging bed swing and quite often that’s where we find them reading in the afternoons. That’s worth the price of admission right there! Master Bedrooms We sleep in a King size hanging bed swing – and it’s so relaxing. Memory foam mattresses are great on indoor hanging beds because they offer all the support you need without a box spring, but you can use any mattress you like. Custom Sizes We can make a hanging bed in any size for you. Indoor hanging beds can perk up unused spaces, liven up entertaining areas and create quiet havens. And, if it’s too hot or cold to use your outdoor hanging bed swing, you don’t have to wait for the weather to change to enjoy your favorite piece of furniture! If you’ve never been in a bed swing, you have to try it to understand why everyone falls hopelessly and immediately in love with them. If you’re in the Charleston area, visit the Fat Hen on John’s Island or Andell Inn on Kiawah, or just drop by our shop and showroom Monday through Thursday to try one for yourself.
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