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Wooden Porch Swings: Selecting Wood

Wooden Porch Swings Right Wood

All Wooden Porch Swings Are Not Created Equal

At Vintage Porch Swings we take our time to select the best quality lumber available for our wooden porch swings. Not all manufacturers do. Look carefully at the quality of the wood used in any wooden porch swing you are considering. (Or even if you are making your own wooden porch swing.) It takes time to individually select materials, but we find that it is worth the effort. It can make the difference between a fantastic wooden porch swing that lasts, and one that rapidly deteriorates. Wooden Porch Swings Right Wood

3 Tips for Finding the Best Wood for Wooden Porch Swings

Three items in particular that we look for are: (1) dryness (2) straightness (3) fewer knots If the materials are not dry then they can warp, which is why both dry and straight boards are essential. Warped wood can also affect the appearance. The presence of knot can lead to weak points in the wood, and knots are more difficult to cover with paint/stain. While there are other things to consider, such as grain appearance, natural color and degree of density -- if you are on the lookout for the first three, you are well on your way to finding an ideal wooden porch swing.
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