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Our owners, Brent and Krista McHenry had a recent interaction that helped us clarify in what ways our company is the best at making the most comfortable bed swings, day beds and porch furniture. Here's the story told from Brent's perspective.
On Friday, some customers visited my home to see some swings after their visit to the shop. As you know they were considering a two swing purchase for their home in Hilton Head. They informed me, point blank, that were heading to visit another Porch Swing company after us. They asked the critical question, “Why should I choose to purchase from you?” Here was my response. • Design Variety: VPS offers a wide range of designs that appeal to many decorative styles. • Artisan Finishes: Over years VPS have perfected a variety of paint and stain finishes; these are hand applied by artists to provide a complete product that is unmatched. • Recognizable Brand: Through many years of steady business VPS has developed a brand for beautiful quality products, provided at fair prices, with the top service available. • Inventory: Anticipating orders many swings are pre-crafted and kept in inventory so we are able to move products from the shelf to finish to be delivered faster. • Availability: By design VPS is able to ship products nationwide to our customer’s door via ground shipping (not freight) as a reasonably priced mode. • Simplicity: VPS provides all items necessary in a single place; ropes for the novel four point hanging mechanism that is both attractive and durable are included in the purchase; all necessary hardware is included; VPS offers designer quality textile packages delivered to our customer’s door; and VPS offers hands-on instruction to ensure the best possible experience from beginning to end. • Reliability: VPS hand crafts products of excellence that endure harsh environments and we stand behind our products. • Pricing: For comparable quality products the customer will be required to spend 1-2 thousand dollars more at other distributors. The best does not always cost the most.
This morning I followed up with a phone call to the same customers. I wanted to let them know that I often visit Hilton Head and would be more than happy to stop in and adjust the ropes as we expect them to stretch over the first few months. They were delighted and reported their experience was so wonderful, they had chosen VPS, and they said they had already called the shop to make the order. So I wanted to congratulate Mark, John, Ellie, Alex and Krista on a great team effort. This is one example of how we operate and why we are the best in the industry. Thank you, Brent McHenry Shop Owner

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