New Budget-Friendly Swing Design

Mercedes 3We believe everyone deserves the chance to relax. Our newest swing design - built specifically for the budget-conscious shopper - gives you the opportunity to kick back. Your chance to cash in those vacation days is quickly approaching. So we're tempting you to create an escape to enjoy with your time off and a hot cup of mulled cider. The Mercedes is our simple platform swing design - making it the perfect swing to take a nap on. With her traditional style, the Mercedes hangs from beautiful runners on the front and rear of the bed swing. A variety of finishes and textiles can also be selected to complete the hanging furniture experience. Take the challenge, and buy a Mercedes. We bet you'll enjoy your time off so much more.

Mercedes 2What's in a Name?

The Mercedes is named after (shop owner) Brent’s grandmother (pronounced Mer-See-Dus). She bore and raised eleven children including Brent’s mother, Suzy. She always displayed certain class and elegance and made precise economic decisions. Mercedes was feisty and disciplined and produced far more than expected from her tiny frame.
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