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Vintage Porch Swings Terms and Conditions All purchases from Vintage Porch Swings LLC are final. Please be sure to review your invoice for accuracy and report any errors within 48 hours of receiving the invoice. Any errors not reported within the 48-hour window of receiving your invoice emailed to you will not be considered.


By agreeing to these terms and conditions, I agree to release the following companies and or individuals from any and all liability for losses associated with the purchase and or installation of any products purchased: Vintage Porch Swings LLC, Coastal Porch Swings LLC, Creekside Craftsmen LLC, Meeks Farm LLC, Brent McHenry, Krista McHenry. I understand that is it my responsibility as the consumer to do my own due diligence to make sure the products I am ordering will fit the space intended for installation. I acknowledge that I have reviewed a copy of the “Swing Fit Guide.” If for some reason I have not reviewed the “Swing Fit Guide”, it can be viewed here.


I understand that the swing must be mounted directly into the structural ceiling joists as specified in the Swing Fit Guide document. If for some reason the products that I purchase do not work with my space, they will not be considered for a refund. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to inspect all parts and pieces of my items ordered for damages and order accuracy. If for any reason the items I have purchased arrive damaged, are the incorrect item, or are missing parts, I will report this in writing to within 30 days of receipt of the items. After 30 days damaged and or missing items cannot be returned. I understand my Vintage Porch Swing wooden frame includes a 1-year Limited Manufacturer’s warranty.


This document is located on the front page of the installation and assembly instructions included with each swing. If for some reason I have not received a copy of this warranty it can be viewed here. Normal wear and tear is not considered eligible for warranty repairs and or replacement. Any warranty issues will be emailed with pictures and description of the issue immediately to


It is at the discretion of the Operating Manager if an issue is covered under the warranty. I understand the swing frames are built from wood which is an all-natural product. Wood can check, split, and crack over time due to exposure to the elements and this is considered a normal wear and tear item.

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