How much space do I need for my swing?

Because our swings are held by 4 points rather than two, they move like a glider. Swings fit and move in a space of 8 feet by 5 feet. We suggest you have at least 18 inches of space behind the swing and 10 inches on the sides to allow for movement.

How do you ship?

We ship using FedEx. The average shipping costs range from $255-$285. The swing will arrive in two flat boxes.

How much weight will the swing hold?

We test our swings with 1000 pounds of weight. They can be supported by a typical ceiling joist or rafter that measures at least 2 inches by 6 inches.

What does your company mean by offering "vintage" products?
The word vintage is usually associated with things that have been around for a while. However, our products are made brand new with durable, exterior grade materials. Then, we give them a timeless, vintage look with our finishing techniques while still maintaining a solid structure.

What parts come with a swing?

We supply sturdy hooks and enough 1-inch manila rope for a ceiling height of 10 feet. Screws to attach the bed swing frame parts and assembly instructions are provided. Contact the shop if you have special ceiling requirements. Average assembly time is 15 minutes. With each swing we provide thorough swing instructions as well as all the hardware needed to install your swing, but we recommend hiring a licensed and insured professional contractor to complete your swing installation.

What kind of wood do you use?

Our swings are made of #1 pressure-treated Yellow Pine. We try to use Yellawood brand whenever possible. Because the wood is dry treated, it is least likely to warp or twist. We frequently substitute cypress wood as an upgrade and can consider other woods at your request.

Can you customize a swing?

We are happy to customize your swing. Our most common type of customization is building a frame to accommodate an unusual mattress size. See our custom orders page.

How long until my swing is shipped?

For all standard swings, once the order is complete, swings will ship within 4-5 week. Many standard sized swings are in stock awaiting your finish. Please let us know if there is a special date you require your swing to be shipped. We offer an expedited service for stock swings of 3 weeks for an additional $300 fee.

Will a vaulted or sloped ceiling hinder the installation and performance of my swing?

We install many swings on a vaulted or sloped ceiling, but special requirements may be needed. Communicate with a sales representative if you have special ceiling requirements.

What is the difference between your bed swings and a regular porch swing?

A porch swing has a hard bottom in it and is around 32 inches deep. A bed swing is designed to accommodate a standard twin bed mattress measuring 75 inches by 39 inches.

What kind of mattress do you recommend?
We suggest an inner spring or foam mattress 5 to 6 inches thick.

Standards: We stand by our products and ensure a quality control standard before all items leave the shop. Products are expected to arrive devoid of manufacturing defects. Wood is very sturdy in general yet it also can convey a delicate property given its organic composition, so it will have imperfections. However, we strive to achieve the highest possible quality standard. Repairs: We make every effort to reduce the amount of adjustments in the wood by using the best materials available, previously dried with minimal knots, and by constructing products with high standards. We use exterior grade finishes that seal and protect the integrity of the materials to help preserve the quality long term. However it is possible that, given the nature of wood coupling with exterior environments, minor adjustments can occur in the wood. These can be noticeable in the form of a minor crack but rarely compromise the quality of the product. Rather these are more of an aesthetic concern and can be easily treated. Therefore we make the following suggestions for treatment. Following a light sand with high-grit sandpaper (e.g. 220 grit) wood filler can be used to visually eliminate such cracks, with subsequent sanding and touch-up finishing. Caulk can also be used if the color matches or some caulks can be painted. Touch up paint or stain should be sealed with a clear coat (e.g. polyurethane).
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