Bed Swing Finish Options

Our bed swing designs can be customized to fit your style and space with several stains and hand-painted finish options. Start designing your bed swing by choosing a finish. Don’t be afraid to choose something completely different than the flooring of your patio or your other patio furniture. Choosing a contrasting finish, a painted swing if your other furniture is natural wood for example, adds visual interest. Or, choose a lighter stain if your other furniture or patio flooring is dark wood. Choosing a finish with some color, like our sea glass finish, also adds visual interest. It can be tempting to try to match all of the wood tones in your space, but the overall effect is more visually interesting if you intentionally create contrasts. For more tips, visit our blog. If you’d like some help designing your bed swing, we’re here for you. Just give us a call, send us some photos of your space and together we’ll create a versatile package that can grow and evolve as you do.

Stained Wood Finishes

Our Stained Wood Finishes are frequently requested and offered in two options. We recommend choosing the Cypress Wood Upgrade if you plan to use a Stained Finish.

Noah Bed Swing Finish Close Up

Specialty Finishes

All of our Specialty Finishes are created using high quality exterior Benjamin Moore Satin paint.

Spotlight on the Sea Salt Finish

At Vintage Porch Swings, we devote our time to making the most comfortable and beautiful porch swings. We utilize our skills to ensure quality and exceed the expectations of our customers in the products we offer. Sea Salt The Sea Salt Finish is walnut stained wood underneath flecks of white paint like feathers. Can you imagine the Sea Salt Finish on a swing like The Hartwell? It also looks great with the Cypress wood upgrade. Before painting or sanding, the raw cypress wood really stands out. Check out the beautiful grain.IMG_0010 To see all of our beautiful finishes, including the Sea Salt, click here. Create your escape today.
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