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A Labor of Love

Vintage Porch Swings owners Brent and Krista McHenry are working on a new project in their home. Three of their girls are moving into a spacious loft bedroom just being built by Brent. Currently, the unfinished floors are covered in dust and two floor-to-ceiling ladders are the only furniture piece, but you can already feel how beautiful the room will be. Airy windows fill the largest wall and flood the room in afternoon light. Look up, and you'll see a child-sized balcony with reading nooks and cubby holes - destined to be the home of secret exchanges whispered into miniature ears. But the best part is the sleeping arrangement. Brent plans to hang three of his Vintage Porch Swings bed swings from the ceiling to sway the girls to sleep. IMG_8903 The couple describes the room as a labor of love - combining two of their passions. One - their budding company Vintage Porch Swings and the other - their family. This is a classic McHenry move. Their family of 9 has always been the inspiration for the handcrafted, vintage-style swings they love to create. Check out all the McHenry's have been designing here and consider adding a comfortable bed swing to your home. The beams above are trimmed in one of our favorite new finishes - the Barnwood Finish. Check it out here. Below you'll see another finish they are testing in the girls' room - Sea Salt. We're considering adding it to our collection. What do you think? IMG_4275 -The Staff at Vintage Porch Swings
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