The Hayden

When I started working for Vintage Porch Swings two years ago, I immediately began planning to buy The Hayden Swing. The horizontal lines gave it a modern feel that I felt would fit perfectly into my design aesthetic. VPSHayden8-1 I like eclectic artwork and unique pieces in my home, so I try to keep my furniture simple to allow for everything else. To my surprise, our shop managers told me The Hayden is the swing most people overlook when ordering. It was one of our least popular swings, he told me. Lately, interest has begun to climb. We especially notice people falling in love with the feature that makes Hayden unique - the fact that the ropes attach to the bottom runner of the swing - instead of the top. Some have requested we use a different swing's body, with this same feature. Just the other day we used the bottom runner approach with the frame of a Joshua. Here are some beautiful shots of The Hayden by photographer Holger Olbenaus. VPSHayden7-1 We would love to help you create an escape. Visit Vintage Porch Swings show room to purchase The Hayden Swing to use in your special setting. Vintage Porch Swings Andell Inn Freshfield Village
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