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SwingwithPurposeIt’s not every day that you see a swing with purpose. But Vintage Porch Swings is different. Every person in our company strives to live purposefully, and we’ve all signed on to family and faith-filled values.

Our Purpose:
We provide a sanctuary for extraordinary daily living.[hr]
Our Values:
Maximize Talents
We operate as a family that supports, strengthens, encourages and refines one another.
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Inspire Creativity
We seek to bring beauty and inspiration to our customers and to the Lowcountry of South Carolina.
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Integrity in Relationships
We walk in integrity in all things, through personal interactions and in those decisions when nobody is looking.
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Humility in Service
We approach those within and beyond our team in an attitude of giving and serving.
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Hand Crafted Excellence
We utilize our skills to ensure quality and exceed the expectations of our customers in the products we offer.
[/fivecol_one_last] [hr] We send our hand crafted wooden swings out the door, confident that they came from a team with purpose and good old fashioned values. Just another reason to purchase the most comfortable swing around. Don’t forget to browse our collections!

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