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Bed Swings from Vintage Porch Swings

We are passionate about making comfortable, high-quality hanging bed swings. We notice the world is filled with those who get things done the fastest and the cheapest. However, we believe we really need more artists, craftsmen, and craftswomen who ensure quality and service. When you care about the work you do and show people you care about them, then you stand out. We welcome you to Vintage Porch Swings, a product of the Creekside Craftsmen! Check out our swings and learn more about our story.

Our customers use our porch swings and bed swings as sofas, beds, conversation areas and on sleeping porches, patios and in sun rooms. We make each porch swing as if it were going to be our own. With our porch swing shop located in Charleston, South Carolina, you can be proud that your bed swing was made in the U.S.A.! You can custom-design your bed swing’s finish, and you can even choose your own bed swing mattress cover and bed swing cushions.

How Is A Bed Swing Special?

Let’s just say that after conducting extensive personal research (smiley face) we know that when our customers or house guests climb into one of our bed swings, they instantly relax, de-stress and just breathe. That’s a pretty rare thing these days, and you don’t get the same effect with old-fashioned porch swing or plain patio furniture. Sure, you can bring your laptop with you, but we dare you to put the screen down for a few minutes and see what happens!

Hand-Crafted, Hand-Finished, Hand-Packaged Bed Swings

You can be assured that a Vintage Porch Swing is right for you:
  • Design Variety: From shabby chic to coastal to contemporary, we offer a wide range of designs that appeal to many decorative styles.
  • Artisan Finishes: Our paint and stain finishes are hand applied by actual artists, not some guy on an assembly line with a paint sprayer.
  • Recognized Brand: We have a reputation for beautiful, quality products, fair prices, and plenty of Southern hospitality.
  • Inventory: We pre-craft many of our swings so we have inventory ready for you.
  • Availability: We are able to ship products nationwide at reasonable prices to your door via ground shipping.
  • Simplicity: Your swing comes with everything necessary to hang it, including ropes, hardware and clear instructions. We also offer classic and on-trend textile packages.
  • Reliability: Our swings are born in Charleston, South Carolina so we know how to create swings that can stand up to extreme weather. We always stand behind every swing we make.

Need Help Designing Your Bed Swing?Bed Swings from Vintage Porch Swings

Check out Krista’s Tips for choosing a frame style, a finish and textiles.

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We are constantly posting tips and ideas for how to design and enjoy your hanging bed swing. Click here to read our blog where we share tips for decorating around a bed swing, cleaning bed swing fabrics and more.
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