How Our Swings Got Their Names

 In Most Comfortable Porch Swings

Brent McHenry is co-owner and founder of Vintage Porch Swings. He and his wife Krista currently have seven children. By 2004, his wife was mother to twins, a newborn and had one more baby on the way. She asked Brent to build her a swing for her porch so she could have a place to relax. After the swing was built and up on the porch, neighbors started commenting on them and placing orders. A small company Vintage Porch Swings was born!

Brent and his wife believe strongly that every child is a gift from God. They demonstrate this belief by honoring their beloved children with their swings. Each Vintage Porch Swing model is named after one of Brent and Krista’s children: Avari, Emerson, Eliza, Hayden, Joshua, Brynn and now Noah. 

Here are a few pictures of the newest model at Vintage Porch Swing, the Noah.

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