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A message from John Hennis, VPS Director of Operations and Production:

Vintage Porch Swings takes an immense amount of pride in producing the finest handcrafted
bed swings available on the market. We spend an average of 20 hours in the shop producing
each bed swing frame and treat each order as if we are building the swing for a family member.

The process starts with our builder hand selecting each board made from Ground Contact Kiln
Dried Pressure Treated lumber for each part of the frame. This lumber is amongst the finest
pressure treated wood available on the market today and is actually rated to be buried in the
ground. Each piece of the frame is assembled using waterproof glue and is screwed together
using exterior coated decking screws to ensure they are structurally sound.

The next step is preparation, “Prep”, for applying all of our various finishes in our paint booth.
Each piece is hand sanded with any imperfections in the wood being filled with stainable wood
putty, and each screw hole being covered by a hand cut plug. During this labor-intensive
process, each piece is sanded using 120 grit sandpaper to remove any rough spots in the wood
and then we go over the whole swing again with 220 grit sandpaper to make all the surfaces
very smooth.

Each swing frame is then hand painted with one of our signature finishes that vary from painted
to distressed. Our finishes we offer vary from worn looking wood on an old piece of furniture to
wood that has been battered by exposure to weather for many years in various climates. The
finishes can help fit any customer’s style from coastal classic, to modern, to a shabby chic look.
Our in-house artist carefully applies high quality Sherwin Williams paints and stains to each
layer to create a beautiful finish. Some of our finishes require applying several coats of paint
and then sanding them to expose different colored layers underneath, while others use dry
brushing techniques to achieve the finished look. Since every swing is hand painted, every
swing finish is unique. Every swing finish is completed with a top coat of Helmsman marine
quality clear coat to help protect the finish and the wood for many years to come.

To ensure safe arrival, each swing is strategically wrapped in foam and hand packed into our
custom-made boxes for shipping. Each swing ships with our 1” all-natural manila rope, high
quality exterior treated hardware for installation and assembly, as well as detailed instructions
for the DIY homeowner who wants to install the swing themselves. Each swing frame is backed
by a 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

The deliberate process we take in producing each swing and careful attention to every detail is
how we ensure the highest quality products for our customers. In a world where everything that is becoming automated, Vintage Porch Swings is one of the few remaining companies
around where we do everything by hand.

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