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The Avari is our original swing design and remains a favorite of Vintage Porch Swings. This design includes curved backs and even rails on three sides. The Avari has a unique appeal that fits well with many decorative styles.


Make the Avari your own with distinctive round finials on each corner of the swing, like this one hanging from a beautiful southern porch.


The Avari looks great in any finish, but we love it in the worn-in Barnwood finish. Take a peek:



The Avari comes in two sizes, twin and full, and can be customized in hundreds of ways through finishes, textiles and the addition of simple wooden features.


Like every other swings, The Avari is named after one of Brent and Krista’s children. Brent McHenry Family


What’s in a name? Avari is the first born of the family, but only by 30 minutes. Her identical twin sister, Brynn, was soon to follow. Avari has many of her mother’s qualities; is a matriarch and nurturer of her younger siblings, is a great athlete and loves to read. She helps around the house and, like her old man, enjoys mathematics. Avari is very bright, beautiful and competitive.


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