Arranging Pillows on Porch Swings

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Arranging pillows on porch swings – how!?: that’s a question we get from time to time. What’s the best way to arrange the pillows on my porch swing?

Arranging Pillows on Porch Swings: Hot Tip

The most common and popular way that our vintage porch swings customers arrange pillows on porch swings is in the sequence of odd numbers, i.e. 3s and 5s! The package that we call the VPS package is our most common seller as a result, where five 22” square pillows accompany a 5” foam mattress and two bolsters. Odd numbers work well for arranging pillows because they pivot on symmetry and fit the typical twin width. For an enhanced look, try three favorite color pillows in front of the five pillows.

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Arranging Pillows on Porch Swings
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